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Insurance in San Diego

Term life insurance is the most basic form and least expensive type of life insurance policy to buy. Term periods can be chosen between usually 5-30 years. Your premium is guaranteed for whatever term you choose. Most policies require a medical exam to qualify, but in today’s market there are also some very attractive non-medical exam policies available up to $500,000.
Return of Premium Life insurance is a product that pays you back all your policy premiums if you out live your term coverage. It is popular among younger life insurance buyers who feel they will live longer than the 20-30 year policy that may be purchased
Living Benefits are policy riders that allow an insured to access a portion of the death benefit if they become critically or terminally ill to help pay medical expenses.
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Life Insurance in San Diego and California


How to remain confident in your future and lives of people you love? Step one – find a life insurance agency. The skilled experts will handle the rest.

However, how to find skilled experts? A company that understands your needs for financial safety? Worry not!

Reside in San Diego? No need to go looking for life insurance companies everywhere in California, when you have Home Smart Insurance Services!


Home Smart Insurance Services has the best life insurance agents in San Diego. We offer an extensive range of life insurance options to satisfy all possible needs.

Within the framework of our affordable life insurance services, you can receive:


  • Whole life insurance

In case no death benefit is paid by the end of the insurance term, you are granted full premium refund.

  • Term life insurance

This type of insurance is the most common one. Low cost and time-bound. The term ranges from 5 to 20 years.

  • Mortgage protection insurance

A serious illness prevents you from working?  By buying this insurance, you receive a substantial financial support.

  • No medical exam life insurance

Allows you to avoid the troubles and stress that usually come together with the necessity to go through a medical exam. Quick option for busy people.


We at Home Smart Insurance Services realize that health is priceless. This is why our insurance services in healthcare field include:

  • Cancer and critical care insurance;
  • Health and long-term care insurance;
  • Vision and dental insurance;


We offer detailed plans and packages to cover the costs for entering and studying at colleges, so you and your child could make the high education dream a reality. Do not let financial troubles stand between you and your successful future. Home Smart Insurance Services is here to back you up!


Our life insurance providers make buying your health and life insurance online easy. Our responsiveness and impressive skill set helps us secure the financial safety of people in San Diego and California, making us the best life insurance broker in San Diego. Our respect for your security is limitless: if you want to apply for insurance online, you do not have to worry about disclosing your personal data

Getting life insurance online now is a first step to forgetting all your troubles forever!

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